Crisis Madness

I did not want to talk about it I didn’t even want to think about it. It’s everywhere, on every lips, on every media, I can’t stand it anymore. But, like everyone else I need to, I’m craving to shout it at loud:

I’m mad, I’m furious, outraged cause of liberty loss, racism, sexism, violences, environment issues. I mad, mad, mad. I’m missing freedom and frivolity. Fucking covid crisis!

I’m mad cause I know most of politicians are doing their best or at least what they can. I’m mad cause nurses, doctors, cashiers, waitresses, hairdressers and even employers are doing their best or at least what they able to do with best intentions. I’m mad cause it’s a marathon we just began without any notice or warning, thinking it was maybe just a mile race!?

And now that’s all shared with you, this anger of mine. I feel tired and sad, weak and lost with a huge amount of pain, and frustration. I just wanna run away far from here, far from my tiny, tiny middle-class life. I wanna chase my dreams. I wanna remember the freedom and fearless thoughts of my childhood. Please my brain, please my heart, please my guts, come back and help me to feel, to remember who I really was, deep inside, help me to transform this little sad, fat, nervous, 37th years old married mum who rather preferred to play it safe than following what she really believed in.

How to step up, make a difference, change at least a small piece of the world, make it lighter, brighter ? What do you think we need to do for a better tomorrow?

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