Behind closed doors

During the 90s
One of our family evening activities was to watch movies,
eating of all genres, maybe too many. My sister, my mum and I went to 
the video store just around the corner to look for the latest ones.
On some evenings Mummy would take 5 new DVD and a tone of candies.

I'll always remember the time she chose to rent "Virgin suicides". 
I still picture the jacket, a pale, cloudy-faced young lady. 
I felt this movie would be awkward, disruptive and sick.

Photographers and producers made perfectly their job as 
after the first 5 minutes, I left 5 sisters killed themselves without me. 
It was unbearable even if I was already seventeen or 
maybe because I was that old.

Sadly that’s the kind of things happening behind closed doors. Things we wish we never have known. Kind of things that only happens to others. After all the #MeToo surf, I susppected behind every closed door these « things » happen, not only to others, not only to me. Maybe to a huge amount of people still keeping their mouth shut. Maybe to people I love.

We know why people would have remain quiet, I did. But now that everybody saw the power of the #, why still keeping low profile?! Moreover, psychology insist that to release pain and set you free, it’s an important step to take action and speak up. At least that’s the theory.

Yeah, yeah… Still a very painful step too. Singing, writing and stich a #MeToo that’s alright, but saying it out loud, confront culprit, being seen as a victim and shake relatives’ feelings, no thanks, #TooHard.

There is a rumor saying it takes 20 to 30 years to people to eventually get out of the mutism. So how to prevent those things from happening?

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